Veckobrev v.23

The Last Lunch


This year we started something new: a tradition to honour the hard work your children have put into their years in middle school. And, a tradition to mark the journey they are about to embark on – junior high! Many held speeches, they chatted with each other happily, and ate a two-course meal showing great manners! Just ask them about our wild performance that was a tribute to the Top Five Trends 2016-2019

Last Week of School!

MONDAY: Swimming and picnic at Södersved 09:30 – 14:00. Bring your bathing suit, towel, picnic lunch, water bottle, and sunscreen! If you don’t have a picnic lunch send your mentor an email and we’ll bring you some hot dogs to BBQ! Meet us at Lillagården!

TUESDAY: Cleaning and evaluation.

WEDNEDAY: Surprise outing! Bring your bathing suit, towel, picnic lunch, sunscreen, exercise clothing and indoor shoes, water bottle. ”Kläder efter väder”! Meet us at Värmdö Marknad at 09:00 sharp! We will let you go from Slussen around 15:00. There will be teachers travelling from Slussen to Gustavsberg for all students wanting adult company.

THURSDAY: ”Skolavslutning” 09:00 at the amphitheater. Cake and coffee available in the dining hall afterwards. We can have a fika on the football field after the show so bring a picnic blanket!

Veckobrev v. 20


AFTER weeks to reading, of having quiet classes and watching your children disappear down the rabbit hole of imagination and fantasy, it’s time to explain what we have read and learned from our books. Some will write essays, some will write book reviews. All will re-tell, explain and prove.



We can use colour coding, and post-it notes to sort our ideas. Then we can move them around if needed!


Flow charts and venn diagrams are excellent ways to sort information. This helps us get a clear structur later on when we write. Comparing two characters or figuring out how an author built their story is much easier this way! And, it’s great for all subjects: imagine comparing two religions or countries!



Mindmaps are great ways to get all your ideas in one place, and start to sort them into categories. If you have a good mindmap then you’re definitely ready to get writing!


Sometimes you’ve done all the brainstorming and mind mapping in your head! Linear planning is a good way to get make sure you get structure before you write. The above is an excellent example of an essay outline!

Tellus is really starting to analyze, compare, prove and explain their ideas in clear ways. They’re taking the messages of English writers and turning them into their own opinions. And all in English!

Keep blooming this spring!

Operation Lemshaga 22/5

Den 22/5 är alla elever i åk 6-9 lediga för att kunna samla in 100 kr till WWF:s arbete för ett levande hav. De allra flesta har lämnat in blanketten som skulle vara inlämnad idag, hör av dig snarast om du missat den, annars antar vi att de som inte lämnat in gör uppdrag på skolan denna dag. Pengarna kommer främst att samlas in via swish, mer information om det kommer på nästa lapp.  


Viktiga datum

20-21/5: Studiedag, skolan stängd.

22/5:  Operation Lemshaga

30/5-31/5: Lov Kristi Himmelsfärd

5/6: Avslutningslunch 13:00 (bara elever i år 6 och pedagogerna)

6-7/6: Lov

13/6 Sommaravslutning

Tellus veckobrev v. 17

På vägen hem på en solig fredag.
SO Prov på gung: Vem kan svara på Fredriks frågor om Stormaktstiden?

Inför kommande NP matematikprov

Eleverna har arbetat mycket bra i skolan med matematik på olika sätt i skolan. Vi har både tittar på provens utformning och repeterat innehåll. För de som vill ligger det länkar till äldre års prov både här och i schoolsoft tillsammans med lite information om vilken del som går när.

En fråga till eleverna:

Vi har lite extra pengar och skulle vilja göra någonting speciellt för eleverna innan skolavslutningen. Har ni några idéer? Vi tänkte att en Scoutstugafest skulle vara roligt men vi har inte tid att ordna det själva. Finns där någon som vill? Eller kan ni komma på ett annat förslag? Något roligt museibesök där vi kan umgås och uppleva tillsammans? Finns där några föräldrar där ute som har tillgång till någonting roligt?

En fråga till föräldrarna: 

Finns där några föräldrar som kunde tänka sig ordna någon form av matig grillning innan föräldramötet i år, 8/5? Vi har en grill men behöver folk som kan köpa, grilla, ordna. Alla pengar till klasskassan!

Kommande datum

1/5: Lov: fritids stängt

6/5 och 8/5: NP i matematik
8/5: Skolans dag på eftermiddagen med efterföljande föräldramöte för Tellus.
13/5: Lov
20-21/5: Studiedag, skolan stängd.
22/5:  Omvärldsdag åk 6-9
30/5-31/5: Lov

5/6: Avslutningslunch 13:00 (bara elever och pedagogerna)
6-7/6: Lov
13/6 Sommaravslutning

Tellus Veckobrev v. 12


Reading for pleasure or reading for a practical reason? We all need to read at some point! Helping your children keep good reading habits can be hard; what can you do to keep them interested? We’ve discussed this together in Tellus and a few things are clear: genre, pre-reading skills, and support are all things that help kids get interested in reading.

Questions you can ask when browsing for books with your kid:

  1. What kind of book do you like? Fantasy, realistic, informative, or maybe even a graphic novel?
  2. When you look at a book what does the cover tell you about it?
  3. What does the backside of the book tell you?
  4. What are the key words in this book? Are they any words you are unsure of?


Take a little more time and listen to this podcast from the Canadian national radio (CBC). It’s all about why reading aloud is important, and how to fit it into your family routines.

Which book should I choose? It was cute to see that books can still be exciting in grade six!



Did you know that a common theme in children’s literature is courage or bravery? And, that there are so many different ways to be brave.

Why is courage a common theme? I suppose authors want to show children how they can overcome all their fears, and problems. I definitely want our students to know what courage means; what bravery is!

We talked about how Greg in Wimpy Kid is courageous because he dares to be different; how another child is brave because he runs away from a bad home; and a third child, brave because she runs in a race meant only for boys.

Ask your children tonight: How is your character brave? What does bravery mean and have you ever shown courage?

Smått och Gott!


För er som vill beställa skolkläder är skolgarderoben öppen till 27/3. Kolla in

Klubben informerar

Påsklovet närmar sig och vi behöver veta om ditt barn är i behov av fritids-/klubbenomsorg under perioden 15/4-18/4.

Vad god fyll i på schoolsoft under kommentar från vårdanadshavare; Ledig alt. närvaro. Vid närvaro fyll även i aktuella tider.

Vi vill ha in din anmälan senast 24/3 för att garantera en riktigt bra omsorg där personalbemanning, elevantal och aktiviter synkar. Obs! Fredag 19/4 är det stängt pga röd dag, samt att torsdag 18/4 stänger fritids 15.00 pga dag före röd dag.


30/3 Earth Hour – släck allt energikrävandevärna klimatet/miljön

2/4 matråd för eleverna – se till att prata med eran representant!

8/4 o 10/4 NP i engelska


Happy Days!

/Julia, Catrin, Malin och Niclas


Short Stories & Reading Comprehension

Juliette Greco: French singer and actress. ”His dad always said he could put a girl like Juliette Greco in her place” (p. 46). Click to listen!

”And they danced under the light of the moon” by Heather O’Neill

Reading comprehension and strategies 9

Canadian culture and history is a subject close to my own heart, and far from yours! A chance for me to share with you my culture and homeland; to teach you about an English speaking country that is not an English speaking country but a land of many languages. About a culture that is not mine but belongs to many. Canada: A country that swirls around the globe a few times over. Can we find similarities to Sweden, or only differences?

What is a toque? Why do Quebecois wear fur? Who is Led Zeppelin, and Juliette Greco? What is the Royal Canadian Legion and would you like to have a dance party there? What are Catholic values and how do they affect the teens of the small fictional towns of Quebec? These questions and more will be answered in our short story unit about ”And the danced under the light of the moon” by Heather O’Neill. Themes of love, religion, alienation, and society will be explored. How do social expectations affect us? What is love? What roles can religion play in our lives? What makes us feel alienated?

Led Zeppelin: a band mentioned several times in our story. ”Jules rummaged … until he found a Led Zeppelin tape. He put it in the tape deck and as it started to play it sent a jolt of adrenalin through his veins. His body was a pinball machine someone had dropped a quarter in…” (p. 48). Click to listen!
The Royal Canadian Legion: one of the many very Canadian settings in this French-Canadian tale.
The main character, Jules, feels alienated in his small town.
Québec: The story takes place in this province.



Formative Assessment:

  • Discussions during class often using Think, Pair, Share or ”What Makes You Say That?”
  • VT-routines such as chalkboard

Summative Assessment

Your own teacher at the Legion meat draw.


What was expected of women in the past?


  •  Åsikter, erfarenheter, känslor och framtidsplaner.
  • Levnadsvillkor, traditioner, sociala relationer och kulturella företeelser i olika sammanhang och områden där engelska används.
  • Talad engelska och texter från olika medier.
  • Talad engelska med viss regional och social färgning.
  • Muntliga och skriftliga instruktioner och beskrivningar.
  • Olika former av samtal, dialoger, intervjuer och muntliga framställningar.
  • Skönlitteratur
  • Språkliga företeelser som uttal, intonation, grammatiska strukturer, satsbyggnad, ord med olika
  • Stilvärden samt fasta språkliga uttryck i det språk eleverna möter.
  • Språkliga strategier för att bidra till och aktivt medverka i samtal genom att ta initiativ till interaktion, ge bekräftelse, ställa följdfrågor, ta initiativ till nya frågeställningar och ämnesområden samt för att avsluta samtalet.
  • Språkliga företeelser för att förtydliga, variera och berika kommunikationen som uttal, intonation och fasta språkliga uttryck, grammatiska strukturer och satsbyggnad.

Veckobrev v. 8

Rap Gala

We have been working on irregular verbs this month and a fun way to memorize them is to use rhyme and rhythm! So, we copied a rap from another teacher on YouTube. Everyone memorized it and then we worked in iMovie to edit the videos until they were worthy of being seen! Working in iMovie is both fun and educational; we learned a lot about how that program works which fulfills Skolverket’s goals of digitalization. This Friday we gathered in our best hiphop outfits, and enjoyed a red carpet gala together. There was plenty of dancing and our hosts, Isak, Aaron and Malin did a wonderful job whilst our DJs, Vincent Z, Albin0 B, and Nicky Nic kept the music flowing. A million thanks to all my special helpers – you are too many to name!

Click here to see an irregular verb rap!

Warning: Extreme Cringe! 

Click here to see an irregular verb rap!


Skolbio 11/3


Måndag 11/3 ska vi i Tellus se skolbio i Gustavsbergsteatern kl 12.30.

För att ni inte ska missa mer slöjd startar vi dagen med slöjd 9.30 – 10.45. Därefter har vi kort mentorssamling innan vi äter tidig lunch 11.00 och sedan åker mot Gustavsberg. Vi slutar efter bion.


Have an awesome Sport Break, ya’ll!