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You should also contact the office if the service you are defining is used in assemblies or is performed by a subcontractor or partner, as these are more advanced situations. It goes away, and your inventory count in QuickBooks is reduced by one. This tracking helps you know what is selling and what is not, and it signals when a reorder is due. Hidden behind the drop-down menu is a field titled WC Code, which stands for Workers’ Compensation Code. It will only appear if you are using QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll and have that feature turned on. Service Item field needs to display the name of the service performed by the employee.

To get this job done, you need to open the Weekly Timesheets and select the supplier’s name and choose a week in which you wish to record the activities. After that, you can select your customer, add a description and save other details. This is how you can enable the Time Tracking feature in QuickBooks Online. As you allow your account to track the hours of a customer, it starts tracking the time depending on the day you have selected. In Clockify, you can also track billable or non-billable hours for different projects and clients to streamline your payroll process. Follow these quick steps to setup billable vs. non-billable time tracking using the QuickBooks Time integration with Intuit Practice Management powered by Karbon.

If you’re a sole proprietor with no payroll and no reserves, of course, you just have to wait to be paid for your work. Employees can track, submit, and approve accurate employee hours directly from the QuickBooks Time mobile app which saves time when collecting, entering and calculating payroll. Survey results indicate clients can save 3 hours per payroll processing period. As crucial as time tracking is, it’s only one part of your business. Accurate reports on project time can be traced through the intuitive time tracking software for QuickBooks.

Looking for a way to accomplish business goals on time? Head to our time tracking software directory to discover the best tool that will help increase employee performance. Then, turn onMake Single-Time Activity Billable to CustomersandAdd Service field to timesheets. When either of these is checked, employees and contractors who fill out timesheets can specify if activities should be billed to a customer. Although both tools offer a 30-day free trial, Harvest is a more affordable time tracking software than TSheets. Harvest and TSheets can track time for unlimited projects to monitor the performance of your team or individuals.

How do I track billable hours in QuickBooks?

With a wide range of invoice templates to choose from, you can set up invoices the way your clients want. You can even go a step further by adding your business logo, design colors, and contact information. BigTime’s all-in-one time tracking and invoicing solution gives you total control of the details you would like to add or remove from your invoices based on your business’ services. Freemium is a portmanteau of ”free” and ”premium.” In this pricing model, freemium time tracking software is offered as free to use at the basic level.

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If you’re already using QuickBooks time tracking, you need not worry either. BigTime’s seamless integration with QuickBooks means that you get to continue with the time tracking software you’ve been using, in addition to the extra features that BigTime offers. If you’re wondering about how to use timesheets in QuickBooks Desktop, you can rest assured that the interface shares many similarities with the online version. The QuickBooks Desktop’s intuitive interface enables fast and easy data entry, ensuring you won’t be losing any time recording and tracking your employees’ work periods.

Step 7: Verify Total Hours

You will find that some take more time for casual tasks or maybe they need hard pressing to meet the deadline. This may not actually mean there is something wrong with them. Possibly, they might lack a sense of urgency to meet the deadline. Rating Sorts listings by overall rating, based on reviews from highest to lowest. Featured Featured listings appear at the top, followed by the rest of the listings which are sorted by overall rating, highest to lowest.

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The client company purchases a virtual private cloud and customizes it to suit the business’s needs. This option is best suited for companies that deal with relatively private data as it gives the company considerable control over their data. If the organization has an existing high-end IT infrastructure, this tracking software option becomes quite advantageous. The organization can enforce the same server deployment rules, security measures, and DevOps processes.

TSheets also lets you view the actual labor costs versus the estimates. TSheets and Harvest are employee monitoring and time tracking solutions that can help you track time, manage employees’ payroll, and improve time management. Click the name of the employee whose time entries you want to edit to show them in this window. To change their billable status here, click the “Billable” toggle. By selecting the Billable box, you tell QuickBooks that it should keep this record of a billable activity for later inclusion in an invoice. It might seem silly in the moment to track a five-minute phone meeting or the two minutes it takes to send a work email.

How to Increase Billable Hours

Time tracking software allows you to factor these invisible tasks into your project estimations. With time tracking software, you can easily see those activities that are distracting you. You can also identify which tasks take more to complete. You can then acclimatize to optimize your utilization of these hours. This software helps in productivity too when working for an hourly wage.


See attendance by, who clocked in and when, filter data, and export timesheets for payroll. Add people as limited members so they can clock in and out via kiosk. Or, add them as full members if they need to access reports or track their time personally via an app. You can rest assured that we will work closely with you to create actionable business plans and accurate financial reporting. We offer our toolkit of financial intelligence that will be your greatest asset for business growth.

BigTime, with its integration with QuickBooks, provides a time tracking and billing system that allows you to scale however you want, depending on your business’s needs. With BigTime, your employees can register their work time and the system will automatically generate respective invoices. You can also manage your projects, review your workflows, track expenses, and process payments conveniently from your mobile device through the employee time tracking app.

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See who’s currently clocked in, what people worked on, and when was their last activity. This is more complicated than I’d want to put into a blog. If you’d like to set up an appt with me (/meeting), I’d be happy to discuss this with you. Within the Weekly Timesheet you’ll first enter who’s working and the week they’re working. In the Description field you can enter notes about the work that was done. You do not need to enter Location and Class at this time.

This leads to savings in payroll costs, more accurate time tracking and billable hours, and flexibility via the cloud. To make sure you don’t overlook any of your billable hours, track them in real time. Record your start and end times for each project as they happen, rather than looking back at the end of the day and trying to add up all the billable hours you spent on a client’s project. If you track time as it happens, you won’t overlook any billable time. More information similar to above can be provided detailing each and every task done along with the hours given for it. In order to keep proper track of this time given, user generally opts for Time Tracking tool of QuickBooks.


All the information I previously provided is automatically entered into the invoice. This includes the notes I put in the Description field. All of these fields can be edited before sending your invoice. T Sheets was started by a guy in Idaho who sold it to Intuit, QuickBooks parent company. Since Intuit maintains this app the integration works really well. is a list of applications that integrate with QuickBooks.

Other factors contributing to its popularity include the ease of subscription and usage. SaaS for time tracking can be deployed easily and rapidly. That said, the tracking software helps monitor every task and know the number of tasks that have to be assigned to employees. With this, it is possible to know who completed the work faster and who needs help.

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You can even apply a markup to your out-of-pocket expenses. To add billable time and cost to an invoice, create the invoice in the usual way, as I describe previously. If you answer yes, QuickBooks displays the Choose Billable Time and Costs dialog box, shown here. \r\nYou can click the Items, Expenses, or Mileage tab to see lists of the items, out-of-pocket expenses, or business miles incurred on behalf of a customer.


key small business lessons & trends from xerocon south 2016 Online reminds you when a customer you’re invoicing has outstanding billable time and/or expenses. When you create a record of a billable single time activity, be sure you’ve marked it as such. Our top rated time tracking and scheduling app has p…

Then click the “Check out pricing” button in the QuickBooks Time advertisement on this page to open yet another advertisement window. Then scroll to the very bottom of the large advertisement window and click the small “Use basic time tracking ” link to continue. You then move to the “Time entries” page, where you can add time for your employees.