Short Stories & Reading Comprehension

Juliette Greco: French singer and actress. ”His dad always said he could put a girl like Juliette Greco in her place” (p. 46). Click to listen!

”And they danced under the light of the moon” by Heather O’Neill

Reading comprehension and strategies 9

Canadian culture and history is a subject close to my own heart, and far from yours! A chance for me to share with you my culture and homeland; to teach you about an English speaking country that is not an English speaking country but a land of many languages. About a culture that is not mine but belongs to many. Canada: A country that swirls around the globe a few times over. Can we find similarities to Sweden, or only differences?

What is a toque? Why do Quebecois wear fur? Who is Led Zeppelin, and Juliette Greco? What is the Royal Canadian Legion and would you like to have a dance party there? What are Catholic values and how do they affect the teens of the small fictional towns of Quebec? These questions and more will be answered in our short story unit about ”And the danced under the light of the moon” by Heather O’Neill. Themes of love, religion, alienation, and society will be explored. How do social expectations affect us? What is love? What roles can religion play in our lives? What makes us feel alienated?

Led Zeppelin: a band mentioned several times in our story. ”Jules rummaged … until he found a Led Zeppelin tape. He put it in the tape deck and as it started to play it sent a jolt of adrenalin through his veins. His body was a pinball machine someone had dropped a quarter in…” (p. 48). Click to listen!
The Royal Canadian Legion: one of the many very Canadian settings in this French-Canadian tale.
The main character, Jules, feels alienated in his small town.
Québec: The story takes place in this province.



Formative Assessment:

  • Discussions during class often using Think, Pair, Share or ”What Makes You Say That?”
  • VT-routines such as chalkboard

Summative Assessment

Your own teacher at the Legion meat draw.


What was expected of women in the past?


  •  Åsikter, erfarenheter, känslor och framtidsplaner.
  • Levnadsvillkor, traditioner, sociala relationer och kulturella företeelser i olika sammanhang och områden där engelska används.
  • Talad engelska och texter från olika medier.
  • Talad engelska med viss regional och social färgning.
  • Muntliga och skriftliga instruktioner och beskrivningar.
  • Olika former av samtal, dialoger, intervjuer och muntliga framställningar.
  • Skönlitteratur
  • Språkliga företeelser som uttal, intonation, grammatiska strukturer, satsbyggnad, ord med olika
  • Stilvärden samt fasta språkliga uttryck i det språk eleverna möter.
  • Språkliga strategier för att bidra till och aktivt medverka i samtal genom att ta initiativ till interaktion, ge bekräftelse, ställa följdfrågor, ta initiativ till nya frågeställningar och ämnesområden samt för att avsluta samtalet.
  • Språkliga företeelser för att förtydliga, variera och berika kommunikationen som uttal, intonation och fasta språkliga uttryck, grammatiska strukturer och satsbyggnad.