Tellus Veckobrev v. 12


Reading for pleasure or reading for a practical reason? We all need to read at some point! Helping your children keep good reading habits can be hard; what can you do to keep them interested? We’ve discussed this together in Tellus and a few things are clear: genre, pre-reading skills, and support are all things that help kids get interested in reading.

Questions you can ask when browsing for books with your kid:

  1. What kind of book do you like? Fantasy, realistic, informative, or maybe even a graphic novel?
  2. When you look at a book what does the cover tell you about it?
  3. What does the backside of the book tell you?
  4. What are the key words in this book? Are they any words you are unsure of?


Take a little more time and listen to this podcast from the Canadian national radio (CBC). It’s all about why reading aloud is important, and how to fit it into your family routines.

Which book should I choose? It was cute to see that books can still be exciting in grade six!



Did you know that a common theme in children’s literature is courage or bravery? And, that there are so many different ways to be brave.

Why is courage a common theme? I suppose authors want to show children how they can overcome all their fears, and problems. I definitely want our students to know what courage means; what bravery is!

We talked about how Greg in Wimpy Kid is courageous because he dares to be different; how another child is brave because he runs away from a bad home; and a third child, brave because she runs in a race meant only for boys.

Ask your children tonight: How is your character brave? What does bravery mean and have you ever shown courage?

Smått och Gott!


För er som vill beställa skolkläder är skolgarderoben öppen till 27/3. Kolla in

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Påsklovet närmar sig och vi behöver veta om ditt barn är i behov av fritids-/klubbenomsorg under perioden 15/4-18/4.

Vad god fyll i på schoolsoft under kommentar från vårdanadshavare; Ledig alt. närvaro. Vid närvaro fyll även i aktuella tider.

Vi vill ha in din anmälan senast 24/3 för att garantera en riktigt bra omsorg där personalbemanning, elevantal och aktiviter synkar. Obs! Fredag 19/4 är det stängt pga röd dag, samt att torsdag 18/4 stänger fritids 15.00 pga dag före röd dag.


30/3 Earth Hour – släck allt energikrävandevärna klimatet/miljön

2/4 matråd för eleverna – se till att prata med eran representant!

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Happy Days!

/Julia, Catrin, Malin och Niclas