Veckobrev v.2

Happy January!

As we wait for the snow to come our eager English learners have started to read the novel Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down. A story about a wacky kid who thinks his life is a reality tv-show; or is he being observed by aliens? The text is simple, and with support from cartoons and expressive reading, the students are following along in the book with interest. A good sign of comprehension are the squeaks of laughter as Greg, our hero, does one more nutty thing! Some kids have even dared  to read aloud to the class!

Wondering how to help-out at home? 

  • Use Quizlet to practice “Wimpy Kid” vocabulary so that students are familiar with the words in the book before they get to the next chapter.
  • Ask questions about the book (choose questions that are easier at first): What did Greg do today? Can you tell me something funny that happened in Wimpy Kid this week? Can you guess what will happen in the book (plot / händelse)? Who is Greg? Does he have a family, go to school (character)? Where does the story take place (setting / miljö)? What kind of problems or conflicts are there in the book? 





If you like it, put a name on it!

Just when we thought our children were getting to be so grown-up, so responsible … we collect four garbage bags of lost clothing! We even had a fashion show with all the found clothing before Christmas, but still, very little was claimed or taken home. After sorting through it a second time, we ended up with two garbage bags full of clothing without names, without owners.

To misquote Beyoncé – if you liked it, you should’ve put a name on it! If you’re child is still missing clothing the garbage bags can be found by contacting our custodian: Åsa in the sewing workshop is leading a project to wash and re-use the clothing that does not get claimed. 

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Tisdag: Fair play cup – träningskläder och skor samt utekläder (vi grillar korv ute till lunch)

Nästa Vecka

Måndagen v.4 den 22/1Period 2 blir period 3 (P2 och P3 i schemat), och för Mars innebär det att eleverna byter slöjd-sort och de som haft musik kommer att ha bild. Inga andra schemaändringar.

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