Veckobrev v.2


We have started our term with some seriously boring grammar – just to brighten up the dark winter months!


We are working on adverbs of frequency. Do you know what order they go in?

Try some of the following questions together at home!


How do you make a noun plural ? By adding -S or -ES (usually!). Did you know that 500 years ago English speakers said beek instead of books?! Check out this great TED Ed video to learn more about Vikings and plural nouns!

Try some of the following questions together at home!

Food for thought:

  • please email the concerned teacher or mentor directly as this saves us time and stress!
  • please encourage your child to wear weather appropriate clothing as we continue to push them out the door in the mornings and at lunch. Fresh air and activity is good for thinking and concentration!


15/1 Livskunskap Röd 08:20 på Ingarö Kyrka. Julia och Niclas möter upp er på plats!

22/1 Livskunskap Grön 08:20 på Ingarö Kyrka. Malin och Niclas möter upp er på plats!

18/1 FairPlay Cup: gympa kläder och en bra attityd!

23/1 Svenska damernas ishockey match på Hovet med autografsignering efteråt. Djurgården mot Luleå. Matchen börjar 15:30. Vi åker ifrån skolan kl. 13:24. Eleverna åker hem själv från Slussen. Ta med en snack, fika peng och värma kläder!

31/1 Allaktivitetsdagen / Kungsberget

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