Veckobrev v. 38

Under the sea … save it for you and me!

This week we continued to create a space for thought and reflection in the entrance of Lillagården. When students and teachers arrive they see our art, our thoughts, ideas, promises and solutions. They see our work, and, hopefully, get inspired to make a change. To refuse, rethink, reuse.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

The posters have another purpose, though! To show our students a way to create change AND what kind of jobs are out there, waiting for them. Somebody makes the posters, drives the marketing campaigns and invents the tools to collect the plastic garbage. Who will you be when you grow up? We can start practicing and thinking today! And if there are parents out there who would like to contribute (say, if you know about marketing, graphic design or science) please send me a mail!


Prepping for the National Test in English

In groups Students wrote their own discussion questions about plastic and pollution in the seas. They evaluated the questions: Which ones were best? Which ones lead to a discussion? They spoke in both Swedish and English; translating for one another. Next week we will start our discussions with a chat about our homes and our bedrooms. Then we will try to discuss some of these tougher questions! Try doing it at home!

Try an old National Test test question each week and see how it goes. Check out the National Test website here.

Smått och gott

  • Köket hälsar att du som äter specialkost behöver lämna in intyg omgående.
  • OBS! Livskunskap samling på INGARÖ FÖRSAMLINGSGÅRD busshål plats INGARÖ KYRKA
  • Föräldramöte: onsdagen den 10/10 kl 18 – 20 hälsar vi era föräldrar välkomna på föräldramöte. Mer info i schoolsoft längre fram.

Vänliga hälsningar Catrin, Julia, Malin och Niclas

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