Veckobrev v. 8

Rap Gala

We have been working on irregular verbs this month and a fun way to memorize them is to use rhyme and rhythm! So, we copied a rap from another teacher on YouTube. Everyone memorized it and then we worked in iMovie to edit the videos until they were worthy of being seen! Working in iMovie is both fun and educational; we learned a lot about how that program works which fulfills Skolverket’s goals of digitalization. This Friday we gathered in our best hiphop outfits, and enjoyed a red carpet gala together. There was plenty of dancing and our hosts, Isak, Aaron and Malin did a wonderful job whilst our DJs, Vincent Z, Albin0 B, and Nicky Nic kept the music flowing. A million thanks to all my special helpers – you are too many to name!

Click here to see an irregular verb rap!

Warning: Extreme Cringe! 

Click here to see an irregular verb rap!


Skolbio 11/3


Måndag 11/3 ska vi i Tellus se skolbio i Gustavsbergsteatern kl 12.30.

För att ni inte ska missa mer slöjd startar vi dagen med slöjd 9.30 – 10.45. Därefter har vi kort mentorssamling innan vi äter tidig lunch 11.00 och sedan åker mot Gustavsberg. Vi slutar efter bion.


Have an awesome Sport Break, ya’ll!


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