Veckobrev v. 38

Things to Remember:

Parent Teacher Meeting this week!

On Wednesday 27/9 from 18:00-19:30 we will in the Mars classrooms. You will have time between 19-19:30 for a Parent Council meeting.

Trips: Next week!

Viking Museum on Djurgården Monday 2/10 – bring your own lunch!

Hike (vandring) Wednesday 4/10 – the school will provide lunch. Bring your water bottle, cutlery, plate, fruit.


Mars is alive with poetry! Everything we say seems to end in a rhyme – every time! This week we listened to, analyzed, and translated famed child-poet Asha Christensen’s poem which you can watch here. Imagine that she is only in grade six!

Here are some of the final copies that we have made so far. Amazing, aren’t they?





































Tacos Please!

cheese, creamy guacamole,

cold, crunchy cucumbers

corn – lettuce

tomatoes, soft tortillas

sour cream

Makes me scream:

Tasty Tacos Fridays it’s my dream!

by: Leo, Viktor, Julia


Slime: A problem during lessons

Oh slippery slime! What’s that you say?

Do not bring it back another day?!

Slime! You are so sticky!

I’m not being picky –

To play with slime

it’s now a crime

That’s what the teachers say –

When she wants it to go away!

No more slime.

That’s the end of this rhyme!

By: Julia, Gustav, Arvid H





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