Jupiter Newsletter week 39


Out here at Lemshaga the leaves are swirling in golden hues and the sweet smell of Autumn is upon us! It’s been a great week full of learning and fun. Jupiter students are busy on the swings playing different games, running on the football field and the new craze, chess.  It’s inspiring to see our students being so creative and having so much fun during recess (rast). As the weather is turning remember that extra clothing is essential: a warm sweater, rain boots and pants, even a change of clothing.

In the classroom chess is in focus during math; in English the students have been making their own word searches (see picture below) and in Swedish a secret diary is being written. During mentors time this week we cleaned and tidied the classrooms and every week different students will have a classroom responsibility to help us keep order; Someone to turn off the lights, write down the daily schedule, lock in the cellphones and take care of the equipment used during recess. Such responsibility gives the students an awareness of their environment and a sense of ownership and pride.

Today students were in Gustavsberg at the library and enjoyed their morning reading and exploring the book selection. Many students were really happy to find a great book! Let’s continue this excitement by visiting the local libraries and helping the children get library cards! Reading skills are key for all subjects!  

Next Week:

Monday 3/10

 Annual hiking excursion. I have attached an information letter with everything you need to know! vandringen-ak-4-2

Wednesday 5/10 17:30 – 19:00

Parent meeting with coffee / tea. Meet in cafeteria in Stor Gården. 


Science, due Friday: Do research on your plant (sök reda på lite fakta om din växt. Se SchoolSoft)

English: Practice vocabulary on SchoolSoft

Solving their own word searches in English. First they wrote down their vocabulary words, and then hid them amongst other letters. Then they got to solve another student’s word search.







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  • Åsa Bejerskog säger:

    Jag kan inte öppna pdf-filen. Är det någon som kan säga var/när de ska samlas? Medtagas?

  • Redaktör säger:

    Måndagen 3/10 samlas vi vid eken kl 9.30. Beräknas att vara tillbaka på
    skolan ca 14.00.

    Vi kommer att vandra ca 5 km i ganska varierad terräng. Under
    vandringen jobbar vi med bl.a allemansrätten.
    Utrustning: Ryggsäck, bra vandringsskor, kläder efter väder ser ut att bli
    ok väder just nu ca 10 grader och lite sol. Samt en rejäl matsäck med
    Krister, Malin, Julia, Ayla

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