Jupiter veckobrev v. 18


Just when you thought that everything at camp went as planned; that there were no “incidents”! Axel climbed a tree like a bear and got stuck; Emilia fell over a cliff and Molly saved her using nothing but her brains and big muscles. How could all of this go unreported?

Forced Perspective Photography:


The students received an assignment while at camp to play with perspective and use props to alter reality. As an assignment they learned about photography: angles, perspective and how to trick the eye. But, they also learned about how we as media consumers can be tricked or manipulated; how not everything we see is as it really seems. And lastly, they got a chance to use their beloved telephones in a new and educational way, during school time. Oh yeah!!

Forced perspective photography: assignment


Arbeta med bråk och decimaltal. Ta gärna med ett favoritrecept som inte kräver ugn.


Skolans dag 10/5 kl 13 – 16 Alla föräldrar och syskonvälkomnas att besöka skolan och ta del av vår verksamhet. Ta med din mobiltelefon med internetuppkoppling…

Måndag 15/5 Studiedag

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