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We’d like to thank everyone for the excellent development talks we had last week. It was both fun and informative to meet everyone. Through all the conversations a few red threads were discovered:
1. That the discussions we have begun with the students surrounding friendship, bullying and values are needed, and that they should continue in order to further bring together our fantastic classes and improve the class atmosphere.
2. That tips surrounding fun studying would be appreciated. Therefore, we will create a section in the newsletter where we discuss different apps, websites and strategies for making learning fun at home.
3. That students can begin the practice of not interrupting their peers and teachers as well as developing their listening skills. It is important that they listen to, and follow, instructions. If students wait for a pause during a lesson, rather than jumping up to get a drink, or sharpening their pencil, this would really improve the class atmosphere and would be appreciated by all.
4. We have decided that all school related information such as homework, dates etc will be posted in the Newsletter and on SchoolSoft every Friday.
5. As a team, the teachers always work together to ensure that homework is spread out evenly.
6. Homework help is available every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.
And now … a little about some of the subjects:
In Science students have started a unit about what happens to nature in the fall. Students will be in the forest so it’s a good idea that they have appropriate clothing everyday.
In English we are working on a unit about uniqueness and respecting others for who they are. We are working with adjectives and the verb “to be”. We have been practicing a song called “What I am” and now the students have started writing their own versions with adjectives that describe them. Soon, we will make a music video!
In geography we are working on defining what geography is, and note taking. Soon students will make a photo essay about a place where they have been and describe what they know about it’s cultural and physical geography.


Visual note taking in geography. Some find it best to use words, some like to use pictures. What's your style?
Visual note taking in geography. Some find it best to use words, some like to use pictures. What’s your style?img_0852

And lastly, in mathematics, well, I have no idea how to say this in English so: “I matematik arbetar vi med taluppfattning och de fyra räknesätten. Nytt är att eleverna skriver lösningar och svar i räknehäfte, ej direkt i en bok. Vi varvar arbete i bok med diskussionsuppgifter, gemensamma uppgifter/problem och räknespel. Läxa till fredag!”

Have a great weekend, relax and read a good book! 

Team Jupiter

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