Veckobrev 12

Spring has sprung!

Just in case you wondered: Yes, we ARE amazing!


Wimpy Kid: Almost Finished!


We have now finished Wimpy Kid: Double Down and have written our reviews. We’ve worked with questions such as: Is Greg an outsider? Do we ever feel outside when we are at school? How does Greg misunderstand grown-ups? Do we ever do that?

We have worked with reading strategies: context, using pictures, using the titles, and when all else fails, looking up the word or asking a friend.

The students have learned a wide vocabulary that will help them describe people, places, and things. They have practiced spelling and grammar through their constant writing and reading.

We have learned how to use proof and citations. Through this we discovered that Greg is:

“… a lazy kid because he has recorded his instrument on his computer and has it on play so that his parents think he is playing his instrument all the time (p.160).”

“…a little bit like ME! Because he likes to play TV-Games (like me). And he’s lazy -Like i am sometimes- Because when my my mom said to “you most clean your room now” But i just ignore it just because i don’t want to.”

“… very imaginative, he has a big world of fantasy and crazy ideas. Like one time when his parents said “Maybe we should go away for the weekend and recharge our batteries”. He thinks they are robots, and it explains why they have so many batteries in a plastic bin in their laundry room. (p. 11)”

Do we recommend this book?

“I recommend this book to a person who likes to read funny books. I give this book 7 of 10. Why do I give this book 7/10? The book has no suspense. I like suspense because it is exciting. But, I like this book because it is funny.But maybe you like books without suspense? Read and see!”



23/5 – möte om betyg och åk 6

Question of the week:

What do we know about plastic pollution in the sea? Write your ideas in the comment section!


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